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Home Optimization for Specialized Needs, Specialized Realtor Services, and Accessibility Consultation Services

Welcome to ForeverHome Design, a Specialty Home Accessibility Consulting Agency that goes beyond basic ADA standards to create comfortable and stylish designs to optimize your home space to achieve unique goals and ensure your home will truly enable your best life! To put it simply, we know that true accessible design goes far beyond just ramps and grab bars but are in the details of dimensions, surfaces, lighting and lifestyle we strive account for all of that and more! 

Whether you are looking to live in place as you age, create a universal design that welcomes dignity independence for all generations or to create an accessible space uniquely fitted to your needs- we do it all!

Using our extensive clinical background, in-depth understanding of functional performance, and client-centered approach, we provide a collaborative and detailed approach to our designs and throughout the entire renovation process. From consultation, to design, to construction or modifications, we can do it all! No detail is too small! No goal is too large! 

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Making Your Home Your Perfect Fit


Let Us Help You Transform The Home You Live In To The Home You Thrive In!

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What We Do

Our Process

At ForeverHome Design, LLC we believe:

1) Meaningful living comes from purpose and independence.

2) Your home can have it all: style, comfort, and accessibility. 

3) Every home renovation should add value and equity to the home, no matter how custom the design.

4) The environment that you live in will either optimize or inhibit your abilities.

Our objective: Create optimum home spaces that you can thrive in. Dignity, comfort and independence are our priority! 

We specializes in designing your home just for you by finding creative solutions  and well designed spaces to optimize the spaces that work and  eliminate the aspects that don't work for you anymore.

Each consultation is performed by a licensed occupational therapist and licensed realtor, specialized in clinical and environmental assessments. Through a collaborative approach, our design recommendations are informed by you as the client: Your goals, abilities, routines, priorities, interests and concerns. This allows us to achieve the very best results. Afterall, no one understands your needs better than you!

Call us today to schedule your consultation!

For more tips on accessible design, check out our blog!

Ask an Expert

Why Choose an Occupational Therapist to Design Your Home Modifications?

Occupational Therapists are the only profession recognized by the CDC as qualified Home Modification Specialists!

Why you ask?

Occupational Therapists specialize in assessing client needs  through a comprehensive process that considers the client goals,  client abilities, and the client’s environment (home). Our clinical experience provides us with in-depth understanding of many disease management and the aging process that enable us to understand your needs now and anticipate your future needs.  By utilizing a process known as task analysis we seek to better understand  your preferences and approach to performing tasks in your home so that our recommendations are uniquely functional to your lifestyle and goals.

We thrive on creating environments that consider every unique detail of our clients so that their home is the “perfect fit” for them both now and for whatever changes life brings in the future.

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Home Modification Specialist, OTR/L, ECHM Certified, Realtor®

Charlinda Diaz

As an experienced occupational therapist and Realtor®, Charlinda is passionate about helping clients find and create homes fitted to their unique needs by considering every detail of the home in collaboration with the client. From the products to the floorplan, all fitted to the lifestyle of the client(s). Her ultimate goal is for each client to live in a space that offers optimal function, safety, comfort and style. Whether you are a growing family, looking to age in place, or seeking adapt to a life altering change Charlinda is here to help! Using thoughtful and innovative ideas combined in combination with her love of people and diverse skillset make Charlinda well qualified to help you create your "ForeverHome".

Our Services

Our Specializations

Worker Compensation Consulting

A Service to Worker Compensation Companies

Providing consultation services directly to worker compensation companies, we offer licensed occupational therapists to perform a skilled clinical assessment of the client and their home environment following an injury.


In-person assessment includes: 

- In-home occupational therapy assessment

- In-home environmental and safety assessment

- Detailed pictures to illustrate home modification needed

- Summary of functional barriers and recommended solutions

- W-9 Form

 *Professional liability coverage included.

*Average in-home consultation = 1.5-2 /hr


 Letter of Medical Necessity includes: 

- Written summary of physical and functional impairments resulting from identified injury

- Written detailed summary of home modifications and environmental solutions recommended

- Measurements and description of safety hazards/obstacles as applicable

- Custom resource list for local products, DME, installers and tradesman in correlation with recommended solutions

*$60/hr for travel. Services provided within Eastern PA and New Jersey. 

Aging In Place

Aging in YOUR Home

According to recent studies, over 90% of older adults want to stay in their home as long as possible. We understand the challenges and changes to anticipate in the aging process and we provide the expertise to help make aging in your own home a reality! Using a customized, collaborative and detailed assessment process, we can help you design and adapt your home to your needs and taste.

Home Modifications for Physical Disabilities

Creating an Accessible Home

When you love the home your in, we can help you design your home to love you back! 
We recognize that the environment we live in can either limit or enhance our performance. This can be especially true for individuals with a physical disability. We want to help you enhance your performance and create and environment that energizes you! As Occupational Therapists we offer first hand understanding of the intricacies of human function as well as the tools and strategies to help maximize your performance to help you achieve your lifestyle goals no matter your physical ability.

Universal Design Consultation

A User Friendly Design Created For Every Ability And Life Stage.

Whether building new or renovating your current home, incorporating Universal Design elements into your home is a brilliant and cost effective way to ensure the home you have chosen to build your memories in will meet your needs and flex with every new phase of life you enter into. Universal design concepts rely on open floor plans, first floor living and user friendly design that you can love using with a stroller, a wheelchair, or anything in between!

Home Safety Assessment

Emphasizing Low Cost Fall Prevention and Home Setup Modifications

After many years in their industry, this client asked us to help transition into a new market. From our first conversations to now, our partnership has not only guided them successfully into a new market, but become more successful than ever before.

Realtor Services

The "OT Realtor" Experience

When you hire an OT Realtor to assist you with your home buying and selling needs, you receive the services of a licensed occupational therapist and expert realtor all wrapped into one! What does this mean? Not only is your OT Realtor able to guide you through the challenging process of buying and selling but also seeks to understand each client as a whole person, creating a custom plan that meets your needs your needs are) in a more comprehensive way. We help you find the right home with the right potential to achieve your goals, whether that goal aging in place, overcoming a disability, raising multi-generations in one household, or just finding a place that fits your lifestyle. OT Realtors understand that a home is much more than a financial investment or a place to live but a place to create safety, ability, quality of life, and relationships.

Pricing may will vary based upon services provided.
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Occupational Therapy and Home Modificiations: What we can do!

Providing a unique clinical perspective to achieve exceptional comfort, function and beauty.


Kitchen Renovations

Project Subtitle

Many would agree, the kitchen is the heart of the home...because where ever there is food their is gathering. Unfortunately, kitchens are usually designed to fit the space...NOT the person. Occupational therapists believe that the space CAN and SHOULD be designed for the person(s) and how they function. No more adapting to the challenges of your space; occupational therapists understand how your ability to function in your space deeply impacts your energy level, your safety and enjoyment. We are bursting with tips and tricks to better fit your space to your needs... no matter your budget. Let us help you thrive in your kitchen space today!

Bathroom Spaces

"The Devil's in the Details"

What does an Occupational Therapist have to do with bathroom design? Let's just say, "the details matter". From the durability and texture of your floor, the height and angle of your mirror, the natural and artificial lighting, color contrasts and movability- we consider it all this and more with YOU in mind.


Universal Design

All for one and one for all!

Designing for the needs of an individual is great but creating a space that fits the needs of the individual AND improves function for everyone...well that is the very best type of design! Occupational therapist are client centered which means our client's goals and wishes becomes ours too BUT our goals go far beyond that. The individual may be the priority but universally user-friendly for everyone is the ultimate aim. After all, who doesn't like open floorplans, shelves that are easy to reach, less lighting glare, and tools that require less strength and coordination to use?

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